HTC One A9 set to occupy modest price bracket

HTC One A9
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Although it was initially thought that the HTC One A9 would be a flagship device for this Taiwanese manufacturer, subsequent insider information suggest that it will in fact be a mid-range model that is more affordable than originally anticipated.

Pocket-Lint reports that specifications posted to the EVLeaks account on Twitter indicate that the One A9 will not be endowed with cutting edge hardware, but will, instead, sit comfortably in between bargain basement smartphones and those at the top of the pile.

The One A9 will reportedly feature a five inch AMOLED display with a 1080p resolution, as well as a Snapdragon 617 chipset from Qualcomm and 2GB of RAM. This may sound solid, but it still puts the device a long way behind current frontrunners, like the Galaxy S6 from Samsung.

Where the One A9 will shine is the inclusion of a microSD card slot, meaning that the 16GB of onboard storage can be expanded if necessary. And the 13 megapixel primary camera which is promised is another convincing hardware inclusion.

Leaks like this need to be considered merely as guidelines, so until HTC provides official confirmation of the One A9’s specifications, nothing is set in stone.