HTC One E9 specifications leaked

HTC One M9 silver
HTC One M9 silver

Information about HTC’s upcoming One E9 has been published by Engadget, with some observers suggesting that it could actually be a more powerful and desirable handset than the recently launched One M9 flagship.

The phone will apparently sport a 5.5 inch QHD display, putting it head to head with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, while actually outclassing it in terms of resolution. It will also be equipped with an octa core processor from MediaTek, complete with a 64bit architecture and a healthy slice of RAM.

While the E series has not been one of HTC’s high flyers in the past, it seems that the E9 will actually be the superior choice compared with the M9. The QHD display will allow it to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 4, while presumably coming in a more stylish form factor than many of its phablet rivals.

HTC should be officially announcing this phone in the near future, but until then, buyers will have to make do with the admittedly cutting-edge components of the HTC One M9, which is being heralded as the handset of the year by many industry observers, ahead of its UK release.

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