HTC One gets UK launch date and pricing

HTC one

HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the One, will be on sale in the UK from the 15th of March and given its barnstorming first appearance last month, it is likely to be a sought-after handset.

If you want to nab the HTC One as part of a pay monthly contract, the bad news is that you will have to pay a princely sum each month, if you want it free of charge.

TechRadar reports that the device will only be delivered free on contracts starting from over  40 a month, while there are even some providers who will still want you to part with a bit of cash, even at this level.

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The HTC One is deserving of its high asking price, since it packs in a full HD 1080p display measuring 4.7 inches, a high end quad core processor and a new camera technology known as Zoe, which should provide much better performance than its higher res rivals.

What makes the HTC One stand out from its predecessors is its aluminium chassis, which is very thin and also gives off a true premium feel. Hopefully, this device will live up to its potential when it hits the market.

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