HTC One hardware update anticipated

HTC one
HTC one

The HTC One has been a successful device so far in 2013, but its manufacturer is not going to rest on its laurels, as a tweaked version is expected to arrive before the year is out.

Pocket Lint reports that the updated HTC One will be getting a new processor, which should be a little more efficient and powerful than the current quad core chip it sports.

It is unlikely that HTC will alter the design too dramatically, particularly as the One is already seen as one of the most stylish devices available to buy at the moment.

Sources have also spoken out about the next flagship device that HTC is planning to launch in 2014. The HTC One 2, also codenamed the M8, should bring a host of new innovations to the table next year, although nothing other than its potential title is known at the moment and the manufacturer is actively trying to prevent leaks from occurring.

If HTC is updating the One then it will need to get it out to consumers within the next few months, because otherwise it might end up encroaching on the launch of its fully fledged sequel.

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