HTC One X to be ousted by Endeavour C2

HTC Endeavour C2

The HTC One X is currently the king of this manufacture’s smartphone range, although it looks like it might have its position usurped by a new model in the next couple of months, according to Stuff.

HTC is reportedly working on an update to the One X, which will share the same alloy shell and display as this device, but will increase the quad core processor’s clock speed to 1.7GHz, up from 1.5GHz on the current model.

Rather than titling this new device as the One X 2 or some other such name, HTC is apparently going to call its replacement the Endeavour C2.

As well as featuring a faster processor, the C2 will also come bundled with some Beats Audio headphones which have received the seal of approval from Dr Dre, so audiophiles will definitely be in their element with this device.

Meanwhile, by retaining the same chassis, the existing carry cases and accessories for the One X will still be compatible with the C2, which is a sensible touch.

The Endeavour C2 is apparently going to be released in the UK at the start of October and will be available on contract deals that are a little costlier than the current One X prices.

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