HTC plans Windows Phone 8 mobile announcements

HTC Zenith

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC looks like it is going to be a big supporter of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform, as rumours suggest that it will be launching three new handsets that run the OS early next month.

It is already known that Finnish firm Nokia will be pulling back the curtains on its own WP8 smartphones on the 5th of September, but HTC could be jumping the gun and showcasing a trio of handsets on the 3rd, according to WPDang.

An industry insider has even revealed that the new HTC phones will be known as the Zenith, Accord and Rio.

As you might imagines the Zenith will be HTC’s flagship WP8 device, with a 4.7 inch high-res display and a quad core processor.

The Accord will sport a smaller 4.3 inch screen and a dual core processor, while the entry level Rio will have a four inch display and a single core chip onboard.

This is all very exciting, since it shows that manufacturers are committed to supporting Microsoft’s mobile platform and those who have enjoyed earlier iterations of Windows Phone, will be able to upgrade to a multi-core solution for the first time.

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