HTC rebrands One M8 at lower price point

Image via teletimsinternational.comLast year the One M8 from HTC was widely regarded to be the best smartphone money could buy, even if the retail price or pay monthly cost was relatively steep. But now, the Taiwanese manufacturer has kept the technical specs of the device the same and simply renamed it the One M8S, with a more affordable asking price to boot.

Buyers will only need to pay around £380 in the UK if they want to snap up the One M8S, which features a five inch 1080p display, octa core processor and one of the most stylish handset exteriors money can buy.

Interestingly, the processor is actually from a different family from the Snapdragon 801 found within the original One M8, but performance should still be comparable. Other benefits include a 13 megapixel primary camera, five megapixel front-facing selfie snapper and 16GB of onboard storage.

Although subsidised prices for the HTC One M8S have yet to be announced by mobile networks, it should certainly be a more affordable alternative, both to last year’s One M8 and the recently launched One M9. Many reviewers are even citing the One M8 as being the pinnacle of HTC’s achievements so far, with its successor only a minor upgrade.

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