HTC releases update for One M8

Image via teletimsinternational.comEuropean mobile users who splashed out on HTC’s new One M8 superphone will be pleased to know that the latest software update, which has rolled out this week, will bring a bit more stability to the underlying operating system, according to Android Central.

When any new device launches today there are usually a few issues that still need addressing, because manufacturers are keen to hit release dates, even if this means that they have not ironed out all of the creases with the code.

Luckily, it is incredibly easy to release updates for smartphones and the One M8‘s latest fix ensures that features which previously showed signs of erratic behaviour, including the camera and the weather app, are now operating without a hitch.

The One M8 is HTC’s current flagship handset and definitely manages to impress, thanks to its stylish metal chassis, five inch 1080p screen and Snapdragon 801 chipset.

You can expect HTC to deliver further updates as time goes by, but the biggest thing that fans will want to see is the swift arrival of any new versions of Android that Google releases. These can take some time to come to third party devices, but hopefully, HTC will not drop the ball on this issue.

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