HTC Returns to Mobile Market

Image credit: TechRadar

Taiwanese electronics firm HTC was once a successful manufacturer of smartphones, but in recent years it has slipped into obscurity in the face of stiff competition from Chinese and Korean rivals. Now it seems that it is looking to fight back, with a pair of new devices announced this month.

The handsets in question are the U19e and the U19+, with each being moderately equipped with mid-range hardware that should satisfy customers who are looking for a more wallet-friendly phone.

The U19e boasts a six-inch screen that uses an OLED panel to produce vibrant colours. On the rear is a 24-megapixel camera and a secondary 2-megapixel camera to provide improved photography capabilities, while a Snapdragon 710 chipset sits beneath the skin to power everything.

The U19+ is endowed with a larger 6.2-inch display and has three camera lenses on the rear rather than the two of its sibling. Interestingly, it is actually a lower-end model, since it lacks a screen-based fingerprint scanner and instead situates this biometric ID device on the rear surface.

Pricing should start from the equivalent of around £250, although there is no word yet as to whether HTC will introduce these handsets in the UK

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