HTC shines spotlight on new One A9

HTC One A9HTC is releasing a new smartphone in the UK next month, with the One A9 making its debut at a heavily promoted launch event this week, to drum up enthusiasm for its impending arrival.

Built with an iPhone-like aluminium body with rounded edges, the One A9 is not attempting to knock the HTC One M9 off its perch as HTC’s flagship, but instead, might appeal to those looking to buy a slightly more affordable smartphone that offers access to the latest version of Android.

A five inch screen with a 1080p resolution covers the front surface of the phone, while a 13 megapixel camera, with advanced LED flash capabilities and the option to capture images in the RAW file format, is found on the rear.

A new Snapdragon 617 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage at its disposal powers the One A9. And there is even a microSD card slot, for those who want to add more storage to their handset.

With an expected UK price point of £430, the HTC One A9 will be far from a bargain basement device but it will still manage to undercut the current crop of flagships and bring Android Marshmallow to a wider audience.

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