HTC updates U11 hardware


The HTC U11 is an impressive piece of kit in its original form, but now manufacturer, HTC, has decided to bulk up its specs even further with additional storage and RAM, according to Tech Radar.

The enhanced version comes with a full 128GB of space onboard, doubling the capacity of its precursor. Meanwhile RAM has been raised to 6GB, which should make it nippier than the first iteration of the U11, at least on paper.

Another advantage offered by the beefier U11 is that it will have twin SIM card slots across every colour variant, so business users will be able to get more out of it.

The rest of the components are essentially identical, with the Snapdragon 835 processor pounding away at the heart of the handset.

The cost of these upgrades means that buyers can expect to pay the best part of £700 for the SIM free version of the U11, but this added expense can be mitigated if it is procured as part of a pay monthly contract.

HTC has been chugging away in the background while its rivals take all the glory, but many critics see the U11 as a return to form for the Taiwanese firm.