HTC working on 16 megapixel cameraphone

HTC mobiles

Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC is allegedly developing a smartphone which will feature a 16 megapixel camera and run on Windows Phone 7.

This news is based on a video acquired by PocketNow which apparently shows an advert for the phone, highlighting its photographic specs and visual prowess.

The video itself is said to be an advert and is in the style of the famous music video for Aha’s Take On Me, although some are sceptical about the origins of the clip and suggest that it is a fan-made piece rather than the real deal from HTC.

The one fact that might well support the concept of a 16 megapixel Windows Phone 7 handset from HTC is that many manufacturers are struggling to make their Microsoft-based mobiles stand out, which is something that such a high resolution snapper would definitely achieve.

For now the only certain thing about Windows Phone 7 cameraphones is that Nokia will be looking to capture this area of the market when it launches the W7 and W8 handsets in early 2012. Until then HTC cannot be ruled out as working on a 16 megapixel phone, but the rumours are not to be taken completely seriously.

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