Huawei Announces Mate X Foldable Phone

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Hot on the heels of Samsung’s foldable phone announcement, Chinese manufacturer Huawei has pulled back the curtains on the Mate X, its own malleable mobile offering which looks to change the way that handsets are perceived.

In its standard form, the Mate X will offer a 6.6 inch primary display with a 6.38 inch secondary display found around on the back surface. Use the hinge to expand it to its full size and it will become clear that these two displays are actually a single continuous panel that measures eight inches across the diagonal.

The upshot of this design means that the Mate X is effectively a smartphone and a tablet computer in one device. This could signal the death knell of standalone tablets, which have already suffered a steep decline in sales over the past half-decade.

Huawei promises that the hinged screen should be able to survive being folded and unfolded 100,000 times before it suffers any ill effects, with scientific tests carried out to back this up.

What many potential customers may not have considered is the fact that the Mate X needs to use plastic as the finger-facing material in its display rather than glass. This could limit its premium feel, even if it has a killer feature set.

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