Huawei Ascend Mate to take on Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II and its predecessor have had free reign in the phablet segment of the smartphone market, but it looks like Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, is going to challenge the supremacy of the range with its own big screen phone.

Named the Ascend Mate, it will, allegedly, possess a 6.1 inch full HD display, a quad core processor with a 1.8GHz clock speed and the now obligatory 2GB allocation of RAM.

This will allow it to outdo the Galaxy Note II in terms of raw specs, because Samsung’s latest device can only muster a 5.5 inch 720p HD screen and a slower processor.

Huawei’s Yu Chengdong spoke out about his company’s intentions to launch the Ascend Mate in 2013, although with a display measuring over six inches across the diagonal, you have to wonder at what point it can no longer be seen as a phone.

Seven inch tablets like the Google Nexus 7 have been defined as distinct from mobile handsets, but the Ascend Mate will bridge the gap to an even greater degree. This, of course, relies on the rumoured specs turning out to be present on the finished product.

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