Huawei introduces curved smartphone

Honor Magic
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Chinese mobile maker, Huawei, has beaten Apple to the punch by debuting a smartphone with a curved display long before the rumoured iPhone 8 arrives with allegedly similar features, according to Tech Radar.

Known as the Honor Magic, this high end handset is also very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Edge range of devices thanks to the fact that its 5.09 inch display curves around both sides, rather than being entirely flat.

Power is provided courtesy of the Kirin 950 processor, which has eight physical cores and is backed up by 4GB of RAM. Internal storage tops out at 64GB, which is more than enough for most modern users.

The battery should be able to hit 70 per cent of its capacity after just 20 minutes plugged into a mains connection thanks to a fast charging solution that Huawei has adopted. It also has face detection to allow for automatic unlocking, along with the latest version of Android for ample access to apps.

The Huawei Honor Magic has yet to receive a UK release date, but if it proves to be a success in China then a wider launch may well be on the cards. And with a curved iPhone set to arrive in 2017, this is a trend that is spreading.