Huawei will make curved displays more affordable

Huwaei-Mate-S2So far the only smartphones to feature curved displays have been high end models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, meaning that most people are still using devices with flat screens due to their more affordable nature.

However, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, is reportedly working on a handset called the Mate S2, which will feature a curved display at a far more accessible price point, according to Pocket Lint.

Sources suggest that the display will not echo the edge-based curves of Samsung’s phones, but will instead take a different approach to flexibility. Quite what that will involve remains a mystery, but the implications are that it will push the boundaries of display technology further than ever before.

The Mate S2 will be the successor to 2015’s Mate S, which was Huawei’s first full attempt at building a flagship device to compete with high flyers from Samsung and Apple.

The pricing of the Mate S2 is likely to be lower than that of its competitors, but it will still likely sit at the upper end of the market as a whole, even with Huawei’s penchant for building budget-oriented devices for buyers in the UK and globally.