Hydrophobic technology could improve waterproofing of Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung was one of the first major mobile manufacturers to launch a high end smartphone which was also waterproof. And its current flagship, the Galaxy S7, is entirely capable of surviving even if it is completely submerged in liquid.

Now the firm has teamed up with researchers at ORNL, to introduce an entirely new type of coating for its future devices which will repel water entirely, rather than merely preventing it from seeping into the chassis.

The superhydrophobic coating is one of the most advanced solutions of its kind, meaning that when liquid comes into contact with the surface of the phone it will be repelled immediately, rather than being allowed to linger.

Aside from helping to prevent damage being done to the components, it will also mean that the touchscreen will not have its usability compromised when the phone gets a little wet.

The likelihood of this tech arriving on next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 is slim, but it could be making its debut in 2018 at the earliest, according to TechRadar. In the meantime products with hydrophobic properties are set to become more common across the board, not just in the electronics market.