Images of Nokia Lumia 820 surface

Nokia Lumia 820

Pictures which purport to show the as yet unannounced Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone have hit the web, giving fans a sneak peek at what the Finnish manufacturer is planning to do with Windows Phone 8.

The snaps first appeared via a Chinese website called coolxap, with reports suggesting that it has a 4.3 inch touchscreen display and does indeed feature Windows Phone 8 as its preinstalled operating system.

The handset does feature some text on the rear, indicating that it is a prototype rather than the finished article, which might mean that the Lumia 820 which is launched later in the year, does not end up resembling this model.

However, if they do look similar, it will be no bad thing, as the handset is clearly made of premium quality materials, which is in keeping with Nokia’s approach to the rest of the Lumia range.

One slightly incongruous piece of information delivered in the latest reports is that the Lumia 820 will have just 335MB of RAM. Given that the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note has 2GB of RAM, this seems like a rather limited amount to pack onboard a device that could be seen as a flagship phone.

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