iOS 4.3 arrives on iPhone and iPad

Apple iOS 4.3
Apple iOS 4.3

The latest update for Apple’s iOS smartphone software platform has been released, becoming available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch towards the end of last week, a full two days before it was officially expected to be launched.

Anyone with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS will be able to update their handset to iOS 4.3, although now the iPhone 3G is not included in the list of compatible devices and several older generations of the iPod Touch are also excluded.

iOS 4.3 is an evolution of the platform and not radically different from its predecessors but the addition of Home Sharing, Apple’s version of media streaming, will be a notable improvement for content-hungry users.

Home Sharing will allow you to watch the movies and listen to the music which you have stored on your PC via the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection, which means you will not have to stock your handset with gigabyte after gigabyte of music if you have limited storage space.

AirPlay has been added to iOS 4.3, allowing you to share videos between your iPhone and your TV simultaneously, so that you can quickly share content with your friends and family, provided you have an Apple TV set top box.

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