iOS 6 to ditch integrated YouTube application

No YouTube for iOS 6

Apple seems fixed on its goal of shedding most third party apps from its iOS platform, with recent news suggesting that the sixth iteration will see the YouTube application dropped from the onboard line up.

The reason behind this is that Google’s deal with Apple over this app has expired and no renewal agreement has been reached, according to 9to5Mac.

Of course, this does leave room for further wrangling to ensure that YouTube is a core part of the iOS 6 experience, if these two companies do manage to hammer out the paperwork.

At the moment, it seems like Apple will be leaving YouTube off the menu, requiring that iPhone owners head to the App Store and download the dedicated application which Google is apparently busy developing at this very moment.

Apple has already chosen to drop its association with Google Maps for iOS 6, this time going with its own mapping and navigation service.

The iPhone and the iOS platform which powers it have become increasingly tightly controlled by Apple in a bid to unify the experience, but if this comes at the expense of essential services like YouTube, it could be seen as a bit of a folly.

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