iPhone 5 a consumer hit despite map app issues


The iPhone 5 has now sold well over five million units since it was unleashed last month and it is generating more online interest amongst consumers than its predecessor, according to a ChangeWave report.

As well as finding that 19 per cent of respondents questioned in the study would be very likely to upgrade to the iPhone 5, it was revealed that 90 per cent of those who have installed the iOS 6 update on their handset, have not encountered the much maligned mapping issues.

This could mean that the furore surrounding the Apple Maps application is being given unfair weight, with the majority of customers not noticing any obvious decline in the quality of the service, since Google Maps was handed its walking orders.

Since so many people have already started to use the iPhone 5, it is reported that this device is now outpacing the Samsung Galaxy S3, in terms of the amount of web traffic that it is generating.

When the two devices are compared directly, Apple’s model holds a 56 per cent share, compared to the 44 per cent that the Samsung handset can manage to muster.

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