iPhone 5 launch results in map controversy

iphone 5
iPhone 5 Maps

Few people who have purchased an iPhone 5 since it went on sale in the UK last week, will have remained out of the loop when it comes to the issues concerning its mapping capabilities.

The web was awash with people complaining of a less than stellar service offered by Apple’s new native mapping app, which arrives with iOS 6 and replaces the previous software, which was powered by Google.

Various inaccuracies and odd elements were quickly discovered, while online satirists were quick to come up with various parodies of the perceived ineptitude of this program.

In fact, the Google-owned Motorola has already released an advertisement, which makes a direct allusion to the fact that Apple has not had much success with its new maps service.

Despite this, it was reported that people are adopting iOS 6 at a much faster rate than they did last year when iOS 5 was released.

This suggests that people are more willing to snaffle up Apple’s latest software, in spite of any perceived flaws.

Map issues are far less of a problem than the antenna debacle, which somewhat soured the launch of the iPhone 4 back in 2010, since updates will help remedy any issues.

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