iPhone 5 sales likely to skyrocket

iPhone 5

It may seem a little early to predict how an as yet unannounced smartphone may perform when it comes to market, but analysts have been feverishly estimating how many iPhone 5 handsets Apple will sell.

It is of course not a case of discovering whether or not the new iPhone is a success, since this seems assured. Instead most are looking to see just how much of an impact the upcoming device, likely to launch next month, will be.

Research from FBR Capital, suggests that the iPhone 5 could end up selling 250 million units over the course of its lifespan, with the Chinese market making a particularly significant impact on its growth and popularity.

However, a new study from Digitimes Research has found that Android will still be giving Apple a headache, as its market share is likely to top 70 per cent before the end of the year.

Apple’s victory over Android smartphone maker Samsung in the courts this month, may have seemed like a major blow for people who do not want to buy an iPhone 5, although all the legal action in the world seems unlikely to stem the growth of Google’s platform.

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