iPhone 5's financial impact estimated

iPhone 5

The impending launch of the new iPhone 5 was always going to be a major event on the mobile calendar, but it now seems that the broader ramifications of Apple’s upcoming device, could be more significant than ever before.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that up to five and a half million iPhone 5 units will be sold within the first three days of its release, with analysts predicting that the first quarter sales will actually have a marked impact on America’s GDP.

For Apple as a company, the iPhone 5 launch will also help its stock price, which one expert predicts will hit $1111 (£693) later this year.

When the iPhone 5 is made available to preorder, it is predicted that up to 1.5 million people will put their money on the table, which is 50 per cent more than did the same ahead of the release of the iPhone 4S last year.

It is thought that Apple could end up selling 10 million iPhone 5 handsets before the end of September, which means, if anything, that anticipation of the handset really is reaching fever pitch, even if analysts are being a little over-zealous.

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