iPhone 6 camera receives top marks in independent tests


iPhone 6 camera recognition
iPhone 6 camera recognition

Fans of photography who want a new smartphone might be considering investing in one of Nokia’s high-res handsets like the Lumia 1020. But the iPhone 6 could, in fact, be the best choice on the market at the moment, according to the specialists at DxO Labs.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus both achieved a score of 82 in the benchmarks carried out by the organisation, which is the highest ever awarded to any mobile device. By comparison, the score of 50 netted by the iPhone 4 looks very poor indeed.

The iPhone 6 may only have an eight megapixel camera onboard, which means it captures fewer pixels than many of its rivals that boast 13MP, 20MP or even 41MP sensors. But megapixels are not everything, as any photographer will know, so the test success of Apple’s two newest arrivals should not be that surprising.

Still photographs as well as video clips were praised, although it is worth remembering that a standalone digital camera will still trump a smartphone in most scenarios. And now Apple’s rivals will be scrabbling to perform similarly well in future tests of this intensity and vigour.

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