iPhone 6 display allegedly not as robust as Apple claims

iphone 6While little is known about the hardware of the iPhone 6 at this point, the one feature that seems certain is the sapphire display, which is supposed to be significantly tougher than any of those used in previous generations.

However, this month some stress tests were carried out on panels that are purported to come direct from Apple’s manufacturing partners. And it looks like the screens may not be as durable as originally thought, according to Apple Insider.

While past tests have shown that the sapphire display can withstand the scratching power of a knife, it was not so resilient when attacked with sandpaper. Plenty of abrasions can be caused by the sandpaper-like rubbing motion of a mobile against a rough surface, so if indeed these are the genuine samples that Apple will be using to produce the iPhone 6, then the sapphire display is more of a minor step forwards than a massive leap.

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to be going into production at the end of July, ahead of a launch in September or October at the latest, so expect more information to emerge as the manufacturing process progresses.

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