iPhone 6 Plus bending issues alleged

Image via omnifeed.comIn the days since the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale there has been a lot of positive talk about how Apple’s larger handset is an excellent addition to the phablet marketplace. However, the release has not been without its controversies, with the biggest problem apparently being the fragility of the phone.

Reports from a number of early adopters suggest that the aluminium chassis of the handset is prone to bending when the phone is left in a pocket for an extended period, according to Gizmodo. Video evidence shows that applying a decent amount of pressure to the device using your hands alone can be enough to leave it with a permanent bend.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a very thin handset, but it is also wide and long as a result of its 5.5 inch screen. This inevitably leads to a degree of weakness, since there is no bulky internal skeleton to help it remain rigid.

In fact some have pointed out that most phones of this size can suffer from bending over time, but the speed with which complaints have been raised about the iPhone 6 Plus might be a warning sign. Apple has yet to respond to these claims.

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