iPhone 6C may actually be upgraded iPhone 5S

Apple 3D TouchIn the past few weeks there have been a multitude of rumours about Apple’s alleged intentions to launch a new, affordable iPhone in the first half of 2016. But new information given to 9to5Mac suggests that this device will not be known as the iPhone 6C, instead taking the title of the iPhone 5SE, in recognition of its links to the older iPhone 5S.

In fact, the handset will likely be an amalgamation of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6, borrowing the four inch display from the former and the higher end processor, camera and NFC capabilities from the latter.

This will mean that it should be compatible with the Apple Pay service, while benefitting from an updated chassis, which makes it look a little closer to the iPhone 6S in terms of aesthetics.

Industry observers are predicting that the iPhone 5SE will likely sell for around £379 when it is launched in April, meaning that it will step in to fill the slot in Apple’s smartphone range currently occupied by the original iPhone 5S.

All signs are pointing to the impending arrival of a new iPhone and its affordability should help to open up Apple’s mobile handsets to a wider audience.