iPhone 6C may appear next summer

iPhone 6 PlusAlthough Apple failed to live up to expectations and launch a cut price iPhone in 2015, it seems that the company is not completely reluctant to follow through with this plan, since new rumours suggest it could appear mid way through 2016, according to TechRadar.

The latest iPhone 6C speculation has come about as a result of predictions made by industry analyst, Kevin Wang, who said that this handset is likely to land in the summer, ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 7 in September.

The iPhone 6C has been variously tipped to feature a four inch screen and a colourful plastic exterior, although some sources argue that it will, instead, use premium materials in its construction to make sure that Apple’s brand reputation is maintained.

The iPhone 5C, released back in 2013, was Apple’s first attempt to make its smartphone range more attainable, in spite of the fact that its price tag was still arguably a little high to class it as truly affordable. If the iPhone 6C does emerge next year with a screen that is significantly smaller than Apple’s current flagship, then it could be a better proposition in terms of value.

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