iPhone 6S could launch on September 9th

iPhone 6Apple is almost certainly going to announce the next iPhone handset on the 9th of September, according to sources quoted in a BuzzFeed report.

The iPhone 6S is just one of the three mobiles that Apple will be debuting during this event, if rumours are to be believed. Along with the 6S Plus and the affordable 6C, it will form part of an intimidating line-up of new devices, that will have rival manufacturers on the back foot for the rest of 2015.

Also emerging at the event will be the final release iteration of iOS 9, which is promising to bring with it a number of new features, including the ability to switch to 4G connectivity, when the local Wi-Fi signal is not up to scratch.

Some believe that Apple will even be using the same event to cram in some news about its next generation of iPads, although this might draw focus from the iPhone 6S range, so this is still up in the air.

Apple’s September release window has proven popular for the past few years and the world’s media will be watching, to scrutinise whatever it decides to announce next month.

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