iPhone 8 design features hinted at in new Apple patents

Source: USPTO
Source: Appleinsider.com and USPTO

Three recent patents filed by Apple have hinted at what iPhone fans can expect to see on future versions of their favourite handset.

In particular, it seems that the Californian firm is eager to improve the camera capabilities of its devices, with one patent covering a new type of snapper which will allow higher resolution to be achieved without increasing the overall bulk of the device.

Another patent covers a camera sensor which can be built into the display of the phone itself, meaning that the front-facing camera will no longer be a separate entity, according to Apple Insider.

This implies that Apple will be able to do away with the bezel surrounding the screen altogether when the iPhone 8 arrives in a couple of years.

Whether or not these features will end up on the iPhone 7S in 2017 remains to be seen. There is even some debate over whether Apple will stick with its iterative upgrade path, or go all out for the 10th anniversary of its smartphone range next year and introduce a truly revolutionary new model, which benefits from capabilities protected by this clutch of new patents.