iPhone Battery Life May Be Addressed

iPhone 6The battery life of the iPhone 6 range has always been a point of debate, since although much can be achieved with Apple’s flagship range of smartphones, the biggest limiting factor is the amount of power that it consumes.

The good news is that Apple may well be looking to tackle this directly, with a series of new job listings spotted by AppleInsider indicating that it is seeking to hire someone whose job will specifically be to make the iOS software more efficient.

The quickest way to boost the battery life of any handset range is to simply make the battery bigger. But this is not a long term fix because of course each new generation of iPhone has more hardware bells and whistles which will get through the available energy at a faster pace.

In 2015 the iPhone range is set to get an incremental upgrade, with some sources suggesting that the iPhone 6S will appear alongside a plastic-bodied iPhone 6C. So if there is not room for a bigger battery inside either of these devices, then the best way to address the issue is from a software angle, hence Apple’s current recruitment drive.

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