iPhone Mini tipped for mid-2013 launch

iPhone Mini?

The long-rumoured iPhone Mini is apparently on its way, with Apple intending to penetrate emerging markets in China and South America with a more affordable alternative to its full size flagship handset.

This is according to Morgan Stanley executive, Katy Huberty, who told CNET that the iPad Mini was already proving to be a success in these areas, giving Apple the edge over the competition and allowing it to expand its market share, without damaging its premium image.

While in the past the consumers in China and countries like Brazil have opted to pick up older versions of the iPhone rather than the very latest model, this trend seems to be shifting and an iPhone Mini would definitely tip the scales in Apple’s favour.

Conversely, consumers in the west have shown that they are happy with Apple’s legacy models, with the iPhone 4 selling particularly well during the final months of 2012.

Pricing is obviously important, but with an iPhone Mini on offer, there might be an even larger global audience for Apple’s devices. So if you thought that the firm was already a big deal, if it releases a cheaper smartphone in the summer of 2013, it could become even larger.

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