iPhone SE 2 September unveiling

The upcoming sequel to Apple’s budget iPhone is a hot topic at the moment, but insider sources quoted by Mac Otakara suggest that it will not be announced until September.

The good news is that even with a little bit of a wait left until its arrival, the iPhone SE 2 is now expected to sport Face ID tech, which will put it on a par with the flagship iPhone X.

Most of the other hardware details are up in the air. Some rumours suggest it will come with a four inch screen, while others expect it to be much larger, perhaps even eclipsing the standard iPhone range.

In spite of this uncertainty, Face ID will be a welcome addition and one which sets the SE 2 apart from the rest of the mid range smartphone market. It will be used to unlock the phone, allow for augmented reality emojis and much more besides.

Next month Apple will host its World Wide Developers Conference, but the main revelation at this event will be iOS 12 and all that it has to offer, leaving the next new handsets to be revealed much later in the year.