iPhone SE named as new Apple handset

Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone SE

Last week Apple put an end to the rumours and finally announced its latest take on an affordable smartphone.

The iPhone SE is seen as a replacement for the older 5S, mirroring it in terms of its four inch screen size and styling. But with a modern processor under the skin and a 12 megapixel camera on the back, it is far more modern than the 2013 flagship.

With pink, white, gold and grey versions of the iPhone SE, it may not be as colourful and kooky as the iPhone 5C, but it will appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. And Apple has made a point of indicating that it will be just as powerful as the iPhone 6S, but with a lower price tag.

The 16GB version of the iPhone SE is on sale now here for free on £25 per month contract, with the 64GB model here for £32 per month. TouchID fingerprint scanning and Apple Pay compatibility are also onboard, making it possible to carry out contactless transactions just like iPhone 6S or 6S Plus users.

The iPhone 7 is still several months away from being launched, but the SE is a solid interim arrival which keeps costs comparatively low.