iPhone X shortage anticipated

iPhone XThe cutting edge iPhone X is arguably the most important handset that Apple has introduced since its original entry into the mobile market a decade ago. But those eager to own one could be disappointed as rumours of production issues and resultant shortages emerged last week.

USA Today quotes a number of industry experts who claim that the iPhone X may be scarce until well into 2018, with the all-new OLED display and the facial scanning capabilities being blamed for the apparent delays.

The British release of the device is scheduled to occur at the start of next month, but even if those who pre-order the iPhone X do manage to get hold of it sooner rather than later, anyone who has not acted already looks to be in for quite a wait.

Apple has yet to comment on the claims, but since demand for the iPhone X will be sky high, the likelihood of retailers and network providers running out of stock quickly was always significant.

Meanwhile, the more affordable iPhone 8 and 8 Plus could help to take up some of the shortfall, even if they look a little technologically underwhelming in comparison with their bigger sibling.