John McAfee intros super secure smartphone

Privacy PhoneSecurity specialist and controversial business figure, John McAfee, has just announced the launch of a device known as the Privacy Phone which promises to offer higher levels of protection and anonymity for owners than any other handset on the market.

Powered by Android, the Privacy Phone is defined by a number of physical switches which do not just turn off wireless connectivity capabilities onboard, but actively detach the antennas from internal couplings to prevent any third party snooping, according to Newsweek.

McAfee was quick to point out that the device was not completely immune from hacking, but would give users a lot of control over how it operates.

He also claimed that it could trump similar privacy-focused devices like the Blackphone in terms of security. Integrated software will also provide an extra layer of privacy when it is connected to the internet.

With a price tag of around £850, the Privacy Phone is not the most affordable device on the market and could have a limited potential pool of appeal. But there are certainly people who are concerned about their privacy enough to invest in it, whether for business purposes or as a personal handset.