Kinect capabilities coming to Windows Phone

Image via turquoisebranding.comMicrosoft is taking the technology it developed for the Xbox-oriented Kinect motion sensor and applying it to Windows Phone, according to reports from The Verge.

This will, of course, require that the next generation of WP-based devices are endowed with a fresh array of sensors, including the ability to detect proximity and motion in many different ways than are currently achievable.

Ultimately, this will mean that smartphone owners will be able to interact with their device without having to physically touch it, which could be useful for everything from gaming to browsing the web.

Microsoft is even thinking about integrating touchscreen surfaces onto parts of the phone which are usually without this feature, such as the rear surface. This might eventually lead to Windows Phone handsets shedding mainstays of mobile design, such as a home button or volume rocker, although it is still too early to tell exactly what the software giant has planned for the future of Windows Phone.

The depth-sensing capabilities of Kinect might result in a revolution in WP’s interface, allowing users to interact with layered Live Tiles and launch specific services with ease. More information should emerge over the coming months.

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