Kodak Ektra – the snap happy smartphone

Kodak-EktraWhile it may not be a big name in the mobile market, Kodak is attempting to carve itself a niche amongst the major players with the Ektra, a new device which aims to put photographic excellence at the top of the agenda.

With a moniker which harks back to one of the firm’s earlier point and shoot cameras, the Ektra will come with a 21 megapixel camera that has a range of high end benefits, including image stabilisation which is handled optically rather than digitally.

Kodak has not only added impressive camera hardware to the phone, but also brings its own imaging software to the table, while also endowing it with a 13 megapixel secondary camera, which will blow any other selfie-taking device out of the water in terms of quality.

With a five inch full HD display, a processor with 10 cores, 3GB of RAM and onboard storage which can be expanded via a memory card, the Ektra should be able to compete with mid-range devices in terms of performance. And since it is designed to look a little like a retro camera, it may be able to convince people to pay its £449 price tag just on looks alone.