Latest version of Sense UI might not grace older smartphones

HTC Sense UI

HTC users will be disappointed to hear that version 3.0 of the Sense user interface (UI), which is making waves after appearing on the recently announced Sensation smartphone, may not end up being ported back to models which are already available on the market.

HTC has not committed to bringing Sense 3.0 to recent arrivals such as the Desire S, according to TechRadar, which means that there is a chance that people who have spent their hard cash on what they thought was a cutting edge model, will actually be getting last year’s edition of the popular UI.

The main reason for Sense 3.0 being kept away from older models is that it takes full advantage of the dual core processing power and modern specs of the Sensation and, as such, might leave the single core handsets like the Incredible S, struggling to keep up with its 3D effects and improved lock screen.

It now seems that HTC is going to potentially scale back Sense 3.0 and release it in a slightly modified form for the single core Android smartphones which it produces, which is better than getting nothing at all.

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