Leak showcases HP webOS smartphones

HP webOS

A selection of smartphones from HP have appeared in online images, proving that the manufacturing giant is working on more than just the Pre 3 handsets to re-launch the webOS platform it acquired when it purchased ailing mobile manufacturer Palm in 2010.

As well as the Pre 3 reappearing in pictures acquired by PreCentral, word has got out about the first webOS phone from HP to do away with the portrait QWERTY keypads that have defined the previous models.

Getting rid of the keypad definitely allows the phone to look sleeker and slimmer than its predecessors, although it could also make it seem more anonymous and bland amongst its more glamorous rivals like the iPhone 4 and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

HP will be hoping that by giving consumers a choice between a range of webOS smartphones, it will be able to win over new fans who had previously considered siding with Apple, Google or Microsoft in the mobile market.

Critical praise for webOS did not save it from languishing in obscurity on its initial launch, so hopefully it will experience a true renaissance as a result of HP’s work on smartphones, with competitive specs and appealing form factors.

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