Leak suggests Google will launch affordable Pixel smartphone

Google Pixel smartphoneThe first two Pixel handsets (Pixel and Pixel XL) introduced by Google were aimed at the upper end of the mobile market, giving Apple’s iPhone family an own-brand Android range to compete against. But now sources quoted by 9to5Google have claimed that a cut price Pixel device is on the horizon.

Furthermore, the less expensive phone will be offered alongside the Pixel 2, which will of course come with cutting edge hardware and an appropriately steep asking price.

The Pixel range has not enjoyed the stellar sales that Google had anticipated, with critics arguing that this is partly due to the fact that it is simply too costly for consumers to stomach. This makes the idea of bringing a budget model to the table all the more appealing, especially from a commercial perspective.

Google may have shot itself in the foot by making Android seem like the consumer-friendly, cost effective rival to iOS for over half a decade, then bringing the Pixel to market in a segment that put off its traditionally value-conscious user base.

The cheaper Pixel device is expected to be less powerful than its stable mates, but should still pack solid specs for a modern smartphone.