Leaked pics hint at iPhone 5S design

iPhone 5s

Apple’s next iPhone is only a few months away from being announced and the rumours and leaks surrounding this device are starting to intensify.

Many industry observers predict that the follow-up to the iPhone 5 will be an incremental update, rather than a totally overhauled handset, which is a point of view supported by the latest images to leak out of one of Apple’s manufacturing partners.

Pictures posted to FanaticFone.com, show what is purported to be the new iPhone design, which is nearly identical to that of the iPhone 5.

This means Apple is probably going to stick with the four inch display and slender chassis of its current-gen handset.

Of course, just because the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 is endowed with a display that covers the same surface area, it does not mean that this screen will not be endowed with a few more pixels.

Speculation arose last week surrounding the idea that Apple will be doubling the screen resolution for the next iPhone, going above and beyond the clarity currently achieved by the Retina Display.

If it can achieve this and still use the same stylish design then everyone will be a winner.

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