Leaked render of Google Pixel 3 emerges

Google Pixel 3 XLGoogle may have shot itself in the foot by including an early image of the as yet unreleased Pixel 3 smartphone as part of its recent rollout of Android P, which is undergoing beta testing at the moment.

Slashleaks sourced the image from within the platform, and while it may be a basic rendering of the device, it does provide some clues about its design.

The first thing of note is the fact that the screen of the Pixel 3 seems to extend almost every edge, without being interrupted by any home button, speaker or camera setup.

This has led some observers to speculate that a lot of these components will either be moved elsewhere, or integrated seamlessly with the display to keep them hidden when not in use.

The notched screen of the iPhone X has been incredibly influential ever since its release, but Google looks set to avoid emulating its closest rival with the Pixel 3 and instead strike out in its own innovative design direction.

The Pixel 3 is not likely to be shown in public until the autumn of 2018, but more leaks will probably occur between now and then to outline more of its features.