Lenovo debuts projector-toting smartphone

Lenovo Smart Cast ProjectorPico projectors have appeared on smartphones in the past, with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Beam giving users the opportunity to share content in a unique way, that overcomes the limitation of handset screen size.

However, a new smartphone with an integrated projector from Lenovo takes this concept in a new direction, enabling not only passive viewing of projected images, but also gesture recognition, for a new form of mobile interactivity.

The idea is that the Lenovo Smart Cast system will allow the phone to project imagery onto a flat surface, whether a table top or a vertical screen, while effectively making it touch-sensitive.

The projector itself is mounted alongside a camera just above the display, with the camera acting to detect inputs made by anyone touching portions of the projected display.

This assembly can even be rotated to point in different directions and will beam a 10 inch image onto surfaces, with a range of apps being adjusted to ensure that they are fully compatible.

For many users, the ever-increasing size of smartphone screens will have become a problem in terms of portability. But if a smaller phone like this model from Lenovo can also boast the option to create a 10 inch projected display, it may be a suitable alternative.