Lenovo’s official Project Tango phone arrives

Lenovo Phab2 ProWhile VR may be hitting the headlines, its sister technology augmented reality is still being developed behind the scenes, with Google’s own Project Tango putting the search giant at the forefront of what AR can achieve.

Now the first phone to fully embrace the ethos of this project has gone on sale with Chinese firm, Lenovo, creating the Phab 2 Pro specifically to cater to the requirements of AR.

Available to buy in the US for the equivalent of £410, the Phab 2 Pro comes with a 6.4 inch QHD screen, which is significantly bigger than most smartphones.

Under the skin the specs look a little less impressive, as the Snapdragon 652 chipset powering the device is a mid tier operator in terms of power. There is a healthy 4GB slab of RAM included, which improves its prospects a little.

The real selling point of the Phab 2 Pro is its pair of cameras on the rear, one of which deals with motion detection while the other senses depth. This data can be combined to accurately map space in three dimensions and then overlay software experiences on the world in real time.



AR has hit mass appeal with Pokemon Go and Lenovo’s phone could lead the charge for wider uptake.