LG Confirms Launch of New Flagship Phone

The G8 is set to be LG’s next front-running smartphone, with new details about its tech specs and release date emerging this week.

Insiders suggest that the handset will hit the streets in March this year, bringing with it a range of compelling features, such as its 3D-capable camera array on the rear surface.

LG was one of the early pioneers of 3D enabled smartphones, and while the trend never really took off, it looks like it is ready to have another stab thanks to the rise of augmented reality (AR).

One expected omission from the G8’s arsenal is 5G connectivity; this will reportedly be a basic 4G phone that does not future-proof itself with next-generation networking capabilities.

That is not to say that LG will be overlooking this technology altogether. Instead it is planning to create a separate 5G device to introduce at some point in 2019, while the G8 targets customers who are not interested in upgrading quite yet.

5G has yet to arrive in any meaningful form in the UK, with small-scale tests being carried out but a wider introduction still some way down the line. The G8 should not suffer much for this drawback as a result.

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