LG develops yet another flagship smartphone

LG G4Although the LG G4 has only been officially announced in the past few weeks, the South Korean firm seems keen to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a result, it looks like it could be making yet another flagship handset with the intention of releasing it before the end of 2015.

This is based on reports from Focus Taiwan, which interviewed an LG executive, who confirmed that it has plans to make more than one flagship device available to fans this year.

Quite what form that flagship might take remains a mystery, although there are suggestions that it may follow in the footsteps of the G Pro 2.

Alternatively, another curved device like the G Flex 2 could be on the cards, with the executive admitting that the details of the hardware have yet to be finalised at this point.

With a powerful chipset, QHD display and leather-backed battery cover, the LG G4 remains the sole flagship offering from the company so far this year. But if it does manage to enhance the market with another high end handset, as Samsung does with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges each year, then LG may be that little bit more competitive.