LG ditches modularity for incoming G6

LG G6Last year the LG G5 earned a lot of press attention due to the fact that it embraced some elements of modular design, meaning that extra hardware could be added relatively easily to help extend its lifespan. In 2017, however, the South Korean firm looks set to abandon this approach for the soon to be released G6.

This is according to an interview given to the Wall Street Journal by LG exec, Skott Ahn, in which he said that the sluggish sales of the modular G5 were enough to convince the company that this was not a selling point that actually appealed to consumers.

Modular mobiles are not dead in the water, with the likes of Motorola’s Moto Z and the Fairphone 2 still doing the rounds. But in terms of their presence in the mainstream marketplace, the new design approach for the G6 at least suggests that they will form a smaller niche.

The G6 itself is thought to feature a design that encompasses glass on the front and rear, ruling out expandability. It will also be packed with high end hardware, with a launch during the Mobile World Congress next month on the cards.