LG G2 Mini makes European debut

Image via digitaltrends.com

Customers in Europe are now able to buy the LG G2 Mini smartphone, giving them an alternative to other scaled down versions of high end models, such as the Galaxy S4 Mini and the HTC One Mini.

Of course, the term mini is only relative to the size of the larger handset, so with a 4.7 inch screen, the G2 Mini is still a big, imposing handset.

It has a quad core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and just 8GB of internal storage space, so it is modestly powerful without being groundbreaking. In addition, the 4.7 inch screen has a 960×540 resolution, so it is not quite up there with high definition panels found on other phones.

GSM Arena reports that the UK price of the phone is not yet known, but its continental price is equivalent to about £289. This makes it cheaper than the LG G2, but potentially a bit more of a financial burden than other mini models.

Plenty of people will be waiting to see what the Galaxy S5 Mini has to offer when it inevitably arrives, so perhaps LG will have a harder time selling the G2 Mini this year.

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